Shielded table lamp Kristall

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  • weight 4 kg

product description

  •     Table lamp for the reduction of low-frequency electric and magnetic alternating fields
  •     Salt crystal (4kg)
  •     Protection class 1 (with protective conductor) acc. to DIN/VDE

The table lamp Kristall consists of an oiled beech wood foot (*PEFC) and a salt crystal weighing approx. 4kg.

The crystal salt is stored in the depth of the Salt Range (North Pakistan) at the edge of the Himalayas, protected from today's environmental influences. It was formed by the drying up of primordial oceans about 200 million years ago. The uniform crystalline structures are due to the slow cooling and evaporation process. The crystal is completely natural; it is mined and carefully worked. Each extracted salt crystal is unique in colour, shape and marbling - no two crystals are alike.

Comparison of shielding effects
An unshielded salt crystal lamp (protection class 2) with a 2-pole mains connection cable and connected Euro plug (EN 50075) produces an alternating electrical field of approx. 100.0-160.0 V/m. The shielded salt crystal lamp (protection class 1) with 3-pole shielded mains connection cable, a metallic housing and the protective basket for the lamp produces an alternating electric field of approx. 0.4-0.6 V/m (measured under laboratory conditions). In practice, small environmental deviations must be taken into account. In the area of the socket outlet (earthed plug), the strength of the alternating electric field is influenced by the electrical installation. The shielding is checked in accordance with the specifications, frequency bands and measuring distances of the recognised screen standards (for low-radiation screens / monitors): TCO´99, Volume I (MPR II) and DIN EN 50279 (measuring distance 30 cm).

Technical data

Colour: orange / beech
Cable colour: white
salt crystal
Beech wood oiled (PEFC)
felt footprint
Operating voltage: 230 VAC / 50Hz
Test basis: TCO´99 (MPR II, DIN prEN 50279) EN 60 320 / 2.2, CE, F (individually 100%)
Limit values undershot by factor 20 and more in all measurement procedures]
Shielding attenuation max. in dB:    (depending on earth)
Shielding attenuation max. in dB:    > 99 % (depending on earth)
Processing: High-quality and very stable salt crystal lamp. Can be used as an effect light in any room. Each crystal is unique.
Diameter foot: 150 mm
Cable: three-pole shielded connecting cable - flexible
Cable length: approx. 200 cm
Illuminant: 1 x E14 - max. 15W
Switch: Pull switch with wooden pull element (ball), shielded
Shielding: 1. patented stainless steel shielding spiral (shielding basket)
                2. shielded mains cable (aluminium shield, two wires)
Magnetic alternating field shielding: Reduction of the magnetic alternating field by twisting the individual wires
Number of strokes: 15 (15 times per meter twisted against each other)
Protection class: 1 (with protective conductor yellow/green)
Angled plug: moulded, CEE standard 7/VII, DIN 49441
Important information:    Shielded luminaires can be used directly without electrical training and without an electrician.
CAUTION: When replacing the bulb, think that it may still be hot and may cause burns. In addition, when inserting the ampoule into the base, avoid direct contact with the skin to avoid greasy stains and thus prolong the life of the ampoule.
Area of application: 1. living area
Scope of delivery: 1. shielded table lamp incl. cable + pull switch 2. illuminant 1 x E14 - 15W 3. stainless steel spring spiral
Warranty: The warranty period for this product with proper handling is the usual 2 years (§434 BGB + §446 BGB).