Shielding bonnet Arwen

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Manufacturer: Ecologa Europe GmbH

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product description

HF (High Frequency)

Shielding cap for men and women in comfortable wearing quality for cool days - a fitting accessory to any outfit. The inside of the cap is made of a silver-coated nylon and provides excellent protection against electromagnetic waves.

Colour: black, navy blue, dark jeans, brown, anthracite, purple
Jersey 94% cotton, 6% lycra

One size

  Frequency / Application (MHz) Decibel (dB) Percent (%)
Tetra 450 450MHz 40dB 99,99%
LTE 800 800MHz 40dB 99,99%
GSM 900 900MHz 40dB 99,99%
GSM 1800 1800MHz 40dB 99,99%
DECT 1800 1800MHz 40dB 99,99%
UMTS 2000 2000MHz 40dB 99,99%
WLAN 2400 2400MHz 40dB 99,99%
LTE 2600 2600MHz 40dB 99,99%
WLAN 5800 5800MHz 40dB 99,99%

Care instructions:
gentle washing at 30 ° C
Do not use disinfectants or cleaning agents that contain chlorine!
Do not use any fabric softeners!