Shielding Hoody Ad hoc Unisex

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product description

HF (High frequency)

● Particularly soft modal /pure silver fabric and therefore very comfortable to wear.
● Comfortable cut and casual design
● Can be combined with versatile outfits.

Finally we can present our latest creation, which many of you were eagerly awaiting.

Our hoody jacket "Ad hoc" for women and men.

Why a hooded jacket? Simply because it is a very comfortable garment that can be worn at any age and that adapts to various styles.

The hoody has made its way from the time it was confined to the sports halls. It is a popular style element, casually cool and at the same time chic.

We chose a zippered model, so that you can easily create a layered look.

Our newest model comes in the colour blue, dark Jeans
The contrasting elasticated ribbed cuffs and hemline are navy blue to create contrast but remain tone-on-tone.


The cut is straight with two side pockets and a stand-up collar. The hood is not too big, to better protect you from high frequency waves.

You will feel very comfortable!

The screen fabric is a jacquard-knit, in combed cotton and silver coated polyamide. The coating that surrounds the polyamide fiber is pure silver instead of controversial nano silver.Silver is absolutely harmless to human health and to nature.Thanks to the innovative construction of the contexture and the use of high quality materials, this knitting offers protection against electromagnetic radiation.This is confirmed by an expert opinion by Prof. Pauli from the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL
Shielding material shielding: 89% cotton, 9% polyamide, 2% silver
Colour: Blue, (anthracite only S)

  Frequency / Application (MHz) Decibel (dB*) Percent (%)
Tetra 450 450MHz 33dB 99,9%
LTE 800 800MHz 31dB 99,9%
GSM 900 900MHz 31dB 99,9%
GSM 1800 1800MHz 23dB 99%
DECT 1800 1800MHz 23dB 99%
UMTS 2000 2000MHz 23dB 99%
WLAN 2400 2400MHz 21dB 90%
LTE 2600 2600MHz 21dB 99%
WLAN 5800 5800MHz 15dB 90%

Care instructions:

Gentle washing at 30 °C
Do not use disinfectants or cleaning agents that contain chlorine!
Do not use any fabric softeners!