Shielding Stainless Steel, Ultrafine 003

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product description

HF  (High Frequency)

  • Large area screening of high frequency electromagnetic waves and screening of low frequency electrical alternating fields
  • excellent shielding effect
  • used in roofs, walls and ceilings.

This fabric is a particularly finely-woven and corrosion-resistant stainless steel fabric.
It is particularly suitable for screening high-frequency electromagnetic waves and can also be used for screening low frequency electrical fields when grounded accordingly.
Grounding accessories are not part of the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

It is mainly used during dry construction to shield walls, ceilings and roofs. Due to its extremely high shielding attenuation of > 50 dB it meets the highest shielding standards.

Please include an overlapping of the panels of fabric of 5 to 10 cm in case of an order. The panels have to overlap.

Water vapour permeable and corrosion resistant.

Please consider your local „Safety  and Grounding Prescriptions“!

  Frequency / Application (MHz) Decibel (dB) Percent (%)
Tetra 450 450MHz 50dB 99,999%
LTE 800 800MHz 50dB 99,999%
GSM 900 900MHz 50dB 99,999%
GSM 1800 1800MHz 40dB 99,99%
DECT 1800 1800MHz 40dB 99,99%
UMTS 2000 2000MHz 40dB 99,99%
WLAN 2400 2400MHz 40dB 99,99%
LTE 2600 2600MHz 40dB 99,99%
WLAN 5800 5800MHz 30dB 99,9%

Technical data:
Width: 105 cm / sold by metre or rolls (roll = 100 m/105qm)
Metallisation: steel, V2A, surfaceactivated
Mesh size: 0.22 x 0.22 mm
Thickness: 0.05 mm
Colour: silver
Weight: 90 g/m²
Electrical conductivity: < 5 Ω-1cm-1
Testing standard: IEEE-Standard 299-97, ASTM D-4935-89
Fire protection class A1, DIN 4102:1994
Shielding attenuation: max. 50 dB (> 99.999%)
Grounding accessories: stainless steel grounding strap, grounding plug