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We offer many different products for the professional protection of electromagnetic pollution.

Shielding clothing for adults, shielding canopies, shielding paint, anti-tracking bags (protective covers for smartphones, etc.), shielded lights, and much more.

Check out our online shop with many products for electrosmog protection and electrosmog shielding.

Ecologa products for electrosmog protection / shielding - a brief introduction

High Tech Clothing

In our range you will find various models for protection against electrosmog.Whether underwear, headgear or hoody, they have all been specially designed to protect you from electrosmog.We also take into account that the clothes are comfortable, that they can be worn at any age and adapt to almost any style.

Shielding canopies

Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep under a four poster bed and feel safe? Why not liven up that romance in your room?We present very different models. We offer both standard and customized products. All our models offer you protection against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Shielding fabrics

In our range you will find various fabrics to protect against electrosmog.

These are versatile. For example for sewing curtains, bed canopies, clothing, bedding, screening cabins, mobile phone cases and much more.

Shielding fleece

Nonwoven fabrics are used to shield against electromagnetic waves in military and medical applications. Other possible applications can be found in the technical field. These nonwovens can be refined with silver, copper, nickel or tin.

Compared to fabrics and knitted goods, nonwovens are relatively thin.

5G Paint

The digital transformation of society is the central project of governments and industry worldwide. Billions of video sensors and 5G transmitters are networked nationally and internationally in order to store, evaluate and control all life processes, and our living space is enveloped in an ever denser cloud of electrosmog.By using the latest graphene technology and a special formulation, a new paint was developed to protect against electrosmog. This new product offers maximum possible shielding values of over 99.997%.


Would you like to reduce the emission of alternating magnetic fields and alternating electric fields in your home? We offer workplace lamps and table lamps to protect against electrosmog.

How does the protection or shielding work?

Shielded luminaires have greatly reduced alternating electrical fields. The emission of alternating magnetic fields from electrical devices that are operated in the vicinity is also greatly reduced by the shielded luminaire design. The illuminant is located in a screen basket, which prevents the emission of the alternating electric field. Additional shielding is provided by a closed metal housing, a stainless steel spiral shield and a shielded mains cable.

Climate protection is important to us!Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time.

We strive for effective and long-term measures that benefit us all!

Because of this:

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