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What is earthing?

It consists in connecting the metallic masses that are likely to be put in contact with the electric current to an earth connection via a conductive wire.
The earthing circuit is a key element in the safety of the electrical installation as it allows leakage currents to flow safely and represents a protection against electrocution.

Testing the mains earth

In most modern homes, the electrical network provides an excellent earth connection. However, if you have any doubts about the correct wiring and earthing of your property, it is recommended that you use a plug tester to confirm this.

Electric field dissipation

It is absolutely essential that the existing electrical installation and protective bonding work perfectly in order to dissipate alternating electric fields.

Reduction of alternating electric fields in the office/workplace area

When earthing mobile and non-mobile equipment such as desks, cable trays, etc. the earthing plug or the open end of an earthing kit must be fixed in the socket in such a way that unintentional disconnection is no longer possible. Always consult a qualified electrician.
Experience shows that (depending on the measurement method) the value of the alternating electric fields at the office level is reduced from 50-100 V/m to 1-6 V/m.

Earthing of portable equipment

When earthing equipment such as laptops, fixing in the socket is possible but not compulsory.

What is a Schuko plug?

Its full name is “Schutzkontakt”. It corresponds to the F-type. There are two types of Schuko sockets, an old and a new one. The new version of this socket meets the CEE 7/7 standard.
This socket is used in many electrical appliances. Indeed, most European electrical appliances are equipped with this “new generation” type of socket.

Schuko adapter grounding
The earthing plugs only conduct the earth contact, not the mains voltage or the data!

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