Shielding fleece

Nonwoven fabrics are used to shield electromagnetic waves in military and medical applications. Other possible applications can be found in the technical field.
These nonwovens can be finished with silver, copper, nickel or tin.
Compared to fabrics and knitwear, nonwovens have a relatively low thickness.

We present two types of nonwovens.

a reflective nonwoven and an absorbent nonwoven. Both have very high shielding properties.

Shielding fleece RS 95
16,00  VAT included.
Shielding copper fleece Cu/Ni
44,65  VAT included.
Shielding Fleece Ag
59,00  VAT included.
Copper fleece CU 100
49,00  VAT included.
Thermal barrier fleece
76,00  VAT included.
Grounding strap TEC 3-m-3
4,50  VAT included.
Grounding plate 3×6
17,00  VAT included.
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