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We offer customised products.

Curtains as smooth panel curtains or with an elegant drapery: curtains embellish the living area and protect you from electromagnetic radiation.

Soft flowing fabrics ensure a feel-good atmosphere and set individual accents. Floor-length curtains appear noble and are eye-catcher. Decorative drapery creates movement within the room. Curtains can be draped manually or can have pre-seams on the hem which create a regular fall of the folds.

They can be ordered directly in the online-shop. You can choose the fabric as well as the size.

The required amount of fabric should be calculated beforehand. It depends on the length, width and desired intensity of drapery. For the length you measure from the lowest point of the curtain rod or ring to where the hem should end. Add 30 to 40 cm hem allowance to the top and bottom edges. In general it is recommended that the curtain touches the ground.

As initial measure for the width of the curtain measure the width of the window and add 20 cm on the right and on the left side to ensure that the edges are covered. Thus you receive the width for a panel curtain without drapes. For a light drapery you have to provide for at least 50% more fabric. As equation this would be: (width of the window + 40 cm for the edges) x 1.5. For a strong drapery you can choose a coefficient up to 3.0.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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