Shielding curtains

To optimally protect your living space against electrosmog, we also offer shielding curtains in addition to shielding paint and canopies.

Whether draped over the rod, as a smooth panels or with elegant drapery: curtains beautify the living area and protect against radiation. The loosely falling fabrics create a feel-good atmosphere and set accents. Floor-length curtains look noble and are an eye-catcher. The decorative folds bring movement into the room.


Depending on the fabric, the application can be different.

Due to the constant digitalization and the expansion of radio networks, signal overlaps occur more and more frequently. Signals are disturbed and error messages accumulate. RFID curtains provide a remedy by ensuring regulated radio communication.

These RFID curtains enable clear and mobile separation of goods storage areas in large, modern warehouses, storage halls, etc. This spatial separation prevents signals from the various systems from overlapping.
These technical fabrics provide a high level of shielding against electromagnetic waves thanks to their multiple metallic surfaces. Average shielding efficiency up to 95 dB from 0.2 to 14 GHz. The application of RFID in warehouse management provides greater efficiency by minimizing errors and thus significantly lower costs. 

However, we do not offer them for private applications because they contain nickel.

To protect your windows in the apartment, we offer transparent or semi-transparent shielding curtains that protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Their light weight and easy installation make our curtains very user-friendly. They can be configured to meet your specific shielding requirements.

For example, the curtains can be made of “Voile”. It is a highly decorative, high frequency shielding polyester fabric with embedded fine silver copper threads.

The fabric has the usual textile properties of polyester and is antistatic.

This fabric is ideal for curtains thanks to the integrated weighting tape as well as the flowing drape.

The fabric is transparent, airy and pleasant to the touch.

The shade attenuation is exceptionally high and independent of direction, thanks to the construction of the fabric with silver copper threads in the warp and weft.

Or with the tulle fabric.

This is a 100% polyamide/nylon 6.6, silver plated with 10% silver.

This fabric has excellent shielding properties. It is fully silver plated, making it highly electrically conductive and easy to contact.

It is antiseptic, soft and supple, has an absolutely textile character and is suitable for decoration, e.g. for windows, or for making canopies.

It is mainly used for shielding high frequency electromagnetic waves, but can also be used for shielding low frequency alternating electric fields if properly grounded.

IMPORTANT: Plated silver products have the property of changing color due to oxidation. This normally has no effect on the shielding effectiveness of the material.

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