ElectrosmogMeasuring devices

Why take a measurement?

If you recognise the exact exposure to electrosmog, you can protect yourself better!

This radiation is generally referred to as electromagnetic smog and is differentiated as follows:

With our measuring devices as well as detectors you can immediately detect electrosmog. Thanks to the light and sound signals you can easily determine your exposure to electromagnetic waves. The measuring device guarantees a quick localisation of the radiation, which enables a targeted measurement. 

These electromagnetic fields cannot all be shielded in the same way. A distinction must be made between high frequencies and low frequencies, because unfortunately there is no solution that protects against the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

On this basis, it is easy to find solutions adapted to the problems identified. It is therefore very important to know which ones cause problems. The meter and detector are therefore very useful as they allow us to check the radiation and the efficiency of the solutions before they are implemented.

High frequency

Measuring technology / measuring devices for high-frequency radiation (“electrosmog”) from 27 MHz to 10 GHz. This range includes the frequencies of radio and television (digital and analogue), TETRA (digital radio for public authorities), CB, amateur and directional radio, mobile radio (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, 3G, 4G), radar, DECT cordless phones, WLAN, microwave ovens, WiMAX, and many others.

Low frequency

Measurement technology/measuring devices for low-frequency electric and magnetic alternating fields (“electrosmog”). This type of electrosmog is caused, for example, by the household power grid and connected devices, switches and lamps, by high-voltage power lines, transformer houses and electrified railway installations.

Our products

Measuring instruments high frequency

Electrosmog IndicatorCEMprotect 34

Equipped with high performance antennas, the new Cemprotec 34 is one of the few devices that can detect electrical radiation, magnetic radiation and radio frequencies simultaneously, with extreme sensitivity and a very wide detection spectrum (up to 10 Ghz)!

Its very attractive selling price and workmanship make it one of the best detectors in its category. More precise than other detectors, the Cemprotec 34 allows you to accurately determine the level of wave exposure, especially at high frequency radiation thanks to its new “Full HF” mode, much appreciated by electrosensitive people. This feature allows high frequencies to be detected at levels far below conventional thresholds.

It allows easy control of exposure to electromagnetic waves in both private and professional environments, such as schools, town halls, works councils, therapists, electricians, control companies, etc.

Technical data:

Hoch­frequenz: von 1 MHz bis 10GHz
Nieder­frequenz (elektrisch und magnetisch): 10 Hz bis 5 kHz
Tabelle mit den ent­sprech­en­den LED-Werten
Abmess­ungen (HxBxT):
180 x 50 x 30 mm
Ein Jahr Garantie
90g (ohne Verpackung)
9V-Batterie (im Liefer­umfang enthalten)


Triple Electrosmog IndicatorESI 24

With the ESI 24 electrosmog indicator, it is possible in a few seconds to identify the sources of individual types of radiation; e.g. cordless telephones, WLAN,  mobile phone transmitters, high-voltage power lines, electrical installations, baby monitors, microwave ovens, mobile phones etc.

The ESI 24 displays the measured electrosmog field strengths by LEDs in traffic light colours. In addition, there is an audio signal that increases proportionally to the EMF field strength.

Simultaneous indication:

The uncomplicated operation of the device enables even laypersons to make a simple and solid assessment of their personal electrosmog exposure.

Not suitable for quantitative measurement.

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