Shielding paint 5G

The new 5G professional shielding paintfor indoor and outdoor use

After more than three years of research and product development, a new, high-quality and highly effective shielding paint has been created: We present the EMF-TURTAL paint series. This not only brings you cost-effective shielding of your rooms from low to high-frequency radiation exposure such as 5G, WLAN, LTE and more, but also many other advantages thanks to its easy handling.
EMF-TURTAL is available for both indoor and outdoor applications and, thanks to its powder form, is easy to mix yourself and convenient to store. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards, so that it protects you as well as the environment and resources in the long term. Plan now for the future, because this shielding paint is already equipped against high-frequency loads such as the new 5G.

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EMF-TURTAL – from conventional carbon base to graphene technology

Only qualitative primary raw materials of various carbons such as graphite and graphene are used for our new shielding paint. The environmentally friendly company and manufacturer philosophy is reflected in the properties of the paint: honest, sustainable, harmless. A safe shield against high-frequency radiation that is solvent-free.

Inexpensive, easy to useand guaranteed practical

You can rely on the quality of our shielding paint. Due to its powder form, EMF-TURTAL has many advantages.
It has a very long shelf life. At least 2 years if the powder is stored in a dry place and the storage conditions are observed.
Storage and transportation costs are low due to its light weight.
Due to the short drying time, this paint can also be processed much faster than comparable shielding paint on the market.

What does the EMF-TURTAL do against electrosmog?

By using the latest graphene technology and a specially developed formula, our shielding paint achieves a maximum possible shielding effectiveness of over 99.997%. In our measurement report, it achieves values of up to 64 dB (at 40 GHz). Contrary to widespread manufacturer standards, we had these analyses carried out by independent providers and have a corresponding expert opinion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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5G - protecting against fifth generation mobile communications

New networking standards

In 2019, new frequencies between 3.5 and 3.7 GHz were auctioned for 5G applications. The auction is intended to force mobile operators to provide nationwide coverage and to fully irradiate all buildings. Smart City, Smart Country, Smart Mobility, Smart Home, Smart School – all processes in society are increasingly controlled by data and algorithms.
To achieve these goals, the intelligent use of digitally networked information and communication technologies is the most important prerequisite. This includes, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT), i.e. products with sensors that exchange information via the Internet and can be networked with each other.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another important driver for smart cities. In other words, computers solve problems autonomously and without concrete instructions from humans. This includes technologies such as self-driving cars, voice recognition or personal digital assistants – all systems that will play an important role in the smart cities of the future.

The consequence

Instead of reducing the already too high radiation, more and more harmful electromagnetic fields are created, because these are necessary for the operation of the new technologies. Thus, it must be expected that the exposure to electrosmog will also continue to increase in the coming years. By shielding your four walls with paint designed for this purpose, you ensure the right protection in your home

Possible areas of application forthe EMF-TURTAL

For private end users

Protection at home is especially important for children. Especially the youngest ones need peace and quiet during the growth phase and especially during sleep, which can be disturbed by the ever more advanced electromagnetic fields. By shielding bedrooms and living rooms, you can ensure more well-being for yourself and your little ones.
With EMF-TURTAL you get a reliable shielding paint at a low price that is suitable for use throughout the house. With only little effort, namely painting your walls, you achieve an electrosmog shielding of up to 99.997 %. If you wish, you can then apply any decorative paint you like so that the shielding is no longer visible.

In hotels

More and more so-called bio-hotels offer their guests rooms with reduced electrosmog. This means that high-frequency pollution from WLAN or mobile phone masts as well as low-frequency fields from the house electricity are reduced to a minimum. By using our shielding paints, you can protect your visitors without interfering with the hotel’s own WLAN – simply, cost-effectively and efficiently. React to this market development in time and win satisfied guests for your hotel!

In the industrial sector

In order for computer-aided systems to work unaffected by external signals and waves, shielding sensitive production facilities from the outside is often unavoidable. EMF-TURTAL also stands out from other shielding paints in this area, because not only does it safeguard your measurements and work processes, but its unique powder form also saves on transport and storage costs.

In government, intelligence buildings

Here, the emphasis is on shielding the internal network from unwanted technical devices, such as bugs. With EMF-TURTAL shielding paint, this is also possible, because it reliably ensures that information cannot leave your premises by way of wireless data transmission. So ensure the long-lasting security of your data in a simple, cost-effective way.

In the building and restoration trade

Increasingly, customers who want to build new or renovate are asking for solutions to minimise electrosmog. EMF-TURTAL shielding paints are also suitable for the production of coatings for ready-made plasterboard, which can be easily and completely installed during new construction and renovation.

Choose more safety, less radiation and sustainable products

EMF-TURTAL sets new standards in the shielding of high-frequency radiation exposure. The environmentally conscious use of natural resources, the minimal consumption of water and energy, the conservation of primary raw materials and the absence of added solvents make this paint something special. The powder not only facilitates application, but also saves costs and protects the environment during shipping. You make no compromises here, because the maximum shielding effectiveness of 99.997 % offers protection in all areas of application. Contact us now and secure your shielding paint of the future.


Seminars of ECOLOGA EUROPE GmbH from 2022:

Complex topics are explained simply and every interested person is welcome.
Whether you are architect, craftsman, therapist or private person and want to learn more.

Shielding with electrosmog

In this seminar high and low frequency will be discussed.
Why do different building materials behave differently in electric fields?
How is effective technical shielding carried out?

Seminars are especially interesting for:


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1 day 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Special features:

Size of the group - max. 10 participants

With this knowledge, the necessary protective measures can be integrated directly into the structure of the house or apartment.

Electrosmog is one of the causes of diseases we are confronted with. But, of course, there are many others. Our diet is another cause. For this reason, Ecologa has decided to offer online seminars on this topic as well.


Building, renovating, refurbishing.
Together we can achieve more!

Are you an architect, construction planner, general contractor, electrician or painter and upholsterer?

We offer you a cooperation in which everyone involved wins, including the future users of the real estate. Make your company the exclusive pioneer for conscious and above all electrosmog-free building by working together with Ecologa.

Your advantages:

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You are interested in a cooperation and want to know more? Please feel free to call us. We will discuss everything in detail.

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