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Your partner for shielding products to protect against electromagnetic radiation

We have been serving private customers worldwide since 1998. In 2002 the sister company “Ecologa Corporation” was founded in Tokyo. In 2010 the “Ecologa Europe GmbH” followed.

We develop, produce and distribute EMC products for the shielding of electromagnetic radiation.

Versatile protection against electrosmog with our shielding products

In addition to our wide collection of clothing against electrosmog, we offer our customers many other products:

For the necessary grounding of our products, we naturally carry the appropriate accessories.

quality standard

Our products for protection against electrosmog meet the highest quality standards in Europe – our satisfied customers appreciate this! Do you need more information about the European quality standards or would you like to know more about the prices of our shielding products? Feel free to have a look at our website or send us your inquiry via the contact form.

Also feel free to visit our online store for price, delivery, shipping and stock information.

Pleasant night's sleep with shielding canopies
from Ecologa Europe

Shielding products to protect against electrosmog are important. Shielding canopies ensure that melatonin formation is not inhibited by electrosmog and that a healthy and natural day/night cycle can be guaranteed. However, Ecologa Europe canopies not only convince with their high effectiveness, but also blend in aesthetically with your bedroom. Upon request, we offer our shielding canopies made to measure and will be happy to meet your individual requirements and wishes.

Customized shielding canopies
and shielding curtains

Our shielding fabrics are used in two different fields.
The private and the industrial application.

Industrial applications

Shielding curtains

In industrial applications, due to the progress of digitalization and the expansion of wireless networks, the overlapping of signals is becoming more frequent.
We offer shielding curtains that make it possible, for example, to separate storage areas for goods in order to prevent signals from different systems from overlapping and disturbed signals from constantly sending error messages.

Shielding tents

Another industrial application is shielding tents. They are the best choice for laboratory tests and measurements in the frequency range of 0.2 to 14 GHz and provide shielding of up to 95 dB.

Whether large or small, we can configure the right tent for you. 

Thanks to their flexible and lightweight components, our shielding tents are portable and can be set up and dismantled in no time.
This eliminates the need for costly and complicated transportation of objects to test laboratories in external facilities.

The unique metallization process bonds the metals to the polyamide. This gives the products particularly high abrasion resistance.

Even large objects such as trucks and satellites can be tested in our EMC tents.


With regard to our products for private use, it is important to us to combine EMC shielding and design into one discipline. We create interior concepts that allow space and people to become one. Aesthetics are very important to us, and play a major role in the development of our creations.

We specialize in the design and fabrication of shielding canopies and shielding curtains for protection against electrosmog.

Do you have questions about our shielding canopies or need tips and advice on how to protect yourself from the radiation of your WLAN or other devices in your home?
Please feel free to inform yourself in our  Infothek or call us .

Protection against data misuse

The vulnerability of modern electronic systems to intentional electromagnetic interference has increased in recent decades.

Our increasing reliance on computer networks, wireless communications, microelectronics, and other sensitive electronic systems, as well as the high degree of interconnectivity between these various electronic devices, has made us vulnerable to cyberattack.

Simple and inexpensive devices can be used to launch these attacks from a great distance without leaving a trace.

Information can be read contactlessly and remotely 

With the new window films added to our range, you can protect your data and extend the protection you achieve with our shielding window film to the previously unprotected window front.

Measuring instruments for EMC radiation verification

Ecologa Europe works closely with research institutes and innovative industrial companies. This enables us to develop new products that provide better protection. We respond flexibly to our customers’ needs.

The deployment of 5G communications infrastructures is expected to foster the development of innovative services for both individuals and businesses in various sectors such as healthcare, media, transport and future industries. 

These technological developments will change the way the population is exposed.

Since there are virtually no studies on the health effects of these new frequencies on the population, it is essential to protect against them.

It is therefore necessary to identify them. With the help of measuring devices and detectors, you can check the actual exposure in your immediate environment and integrate suitable shielding products into your everyday life.

Form your own opinion

In our Infothek you will find interesting facts as well as a lot of information about electrosmog and its origin. Numerous helpful tips, addresses and information will help you to protect yourself and your family.

Worldwide delivery

We are convinced of the quality and necessity of our products. That is why we deliver our products worldwide to people who want to protect themselves from electrosmog.

Are you interested in one of our shielding products or do you need more information about electrosmog and our protection possibilities? Are you concerned about your health and need tips and advice?

Please feel free to call us – we will be happy to advise you.

Seminars on the topics of electrosmog and shielding

Are you an architect, building planner, general contractor, electrician or painter and decorator and would like to offer your customers effective protection against electrosmog? Then you have come to the right place:

We offer you a cooperation in which everyone involved wins. Find out more about a successful cooperation with Ecologa Europe GmbH here 

Together we can achieve more – Cooperation with Ecologa

You are an architect, building planner, general contractor, electrician or painter and upholsterer and would like to offer your customers effective protection against electrosmog? Then you have come to the right place:

We offer you a cooperation in which all parties involved win. Learn more about a successful cooperation with Ecologa Europe GmbH.