Our philosophy

Nowadays, our everyday life is unimaginable without technology – but it also comes with many disadvantages. Our task is to show you how you can still remain efficient and healthy.

Only if a person feels healthy, he is efficient and concentrated. To ensure this, she should be able to deal with technology in a constructive and enlightened manner. We would like to make our contribution to this. Because with a conscious, electrosmog reducing design of the living as well as the working area the human being is efficient and stays healthy. We show you how this can work.

The wishes of the customer are always at the center. For us, humanity as well as respect for the needs of our customers are in the foreground. Even though electrosmog is odorless and invisible, it causes strong symptoms, especially in sensitive people. Our goal is to support people who want to protect their health and increase their concentration and performance.

We are always looking for new ways to ensure a high quality of life. In doing so, we adhere to the valid guideline and precautionary values of the standard of building biology measurement technology for sleeping places SBM 2008.

Our novelties for more quality of life

Among the novelties we would like to present to you are:

protective underwear for men and women

casual clothing for him and her

shielding canopies

5G shielding paint

a wide range of headwear

shielding lamps

shielding window films for protection against data misuse

various grounding sets

We invite you to take a look at our shielding products, form your own opinion and are happy to provide helpful advice if you have any questions.

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