Protection againstdata misuse

Data theft as a new threat!

We live in a digital age in which the exchange of information is becoming easier and faster. This exchange is mostly done electronically.

However, in all these exchanges, data is transmitted that is vulnerable to theft. 

Data theft is a particular form of cyber attack. This category of threats includes well-known phenomena that are primarily directed against private individuals, such as the theft of bank card codes or passwords, but also and especially against companies.

No company, large or small, is immune to hacker attacks. Regardless of their size and sector of activity, all companies are affected by intrusions that could get them into serious trouble.

To improve the protection of their data from malicious attacks, businesses can take some simple steps. Starting with implementing preventative measures and making employees aware of the risks of data theft. However, given limited human vigilance, it is essential to also implement effective protection tools such as encryption of sensitive data. 

The shielding of premises also provides very effective protection against cyber-attacks.

Window film against data misuse

Window shielding film 75-183

These unique films are made with microscopic metallisation layers that are barely visible to the human eye. These special metallic layers on the surface of the film reduce the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A full sputter roll coater allows for many coating layers, including metals, oxides and nitrides.

Our film provides an electrically conductive coating that is completely invisible to windows.

It can be easily retrofitted in existing buildings or integrated as an interlayer in laminated glazing to reduce the intensity of radiation in living and working spaces.

This architectural shielding is specifically designed to reduce the transmission of electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMI (4G, 5G, 6G), and offers solutions for existing buildings and new construction.

Despite its high shielding performance, this film allows daylight to pass through with the highest transmission for visible light. It is designed to be neutral with little reflection, so it won’t change the appearance of the glass or the way you can see it, inside or out. It also provides hidden sun protection, ideal for those who want to keep the clear glass surface and let most of the sunlight in.

These architectural shielding materials are also used to protect sensitive electronic equipment from interference and to prevent data theft or hacking.

Technical data

30.48 m
Optische Transparenz:
≥75 VLT
Schirm­dämpfung (SE):
von ≥32 dB
  • Abschirmendes Produkt von höchster Qualität
  • (Frequenz­bereich von 10 MHz bis 26 GHz)
  • Keine Kanten­unter­drückung, daher voll­ständige Barriere bei der Installation
  • Mit leit­fähigen Dichtungen oder Sili­kon
  • Anwendung: Nach­rüstung oder Abstand­halter für Verbund­sicher­heits­glas
  • Bietet HF-Dämpfung gegen Lausch­an­griffe
  • Daten­dieb­stahl/Hacking und für Sicherheits- und Verteidi­gungs­zwecke
  • Paten­tierte Techno­logie
Normen / Konformität:
ASTM D4935 IEEE Std 299 (früher MIL STD 285)

Ecologa Electrosmog-Protection Aschaffenburg – for your protection against data misuse

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