An external voltage is applied to an electrical conductor. The electrons always flow in the direction of the positive pole. The electrons move in the other direction when the polarity of the external voltage is reversed. If this change occurs 50 times per second, the frequency is said to be 50 hertz, which corresponds to alternating current in the household.

High frequency occurs when the polarity changes 30,000 times or more, at which point the electrons also leave the conductor – radiation is produced. This electromagnetic radiation can be controlled and is used specifically to transport information – for cell phones, televisions and for remote controls. The space in which radiation acts is called a field.

Basically, electrosmog is understood to be all technically generated fields, alternating fields and waves. Low-frequency fields are generated by wired power transmission, whereas high-frequency fields are generated by wireless power transmission. Low frequency can be divided into electric and magnetic alternating fields.

Low Frequency 

Low frequency electric fields

They are a consequence of electric voltage generated in lines, installations and devices when connected to the mains, even when no current is flowing.

Low-frequency alternating magnetic fields

They are a consequence of electric current flow in switched-on devices, lines, railroad and high-voltage lines.

High frequency

High-frequency electromagnetic fields

They are emitted wirelessly for the purpose of data transmission at higher frequencies (100 kHz to 300 GHz), where electric and magnetic fields merge to form an electromagnetic wave. High-frequency radiation is used primarily by mobile communications, radio and television transmitters, radar, directional radio, but also cordless telephones, baby monitors and in microwaves because of their long range and the rapid propagation of their waves.

Mobile radio applications (cell phones, WLAN, UMTS networks, DECT) have become indispensable in all areas of life. Artificial electromagnetic fields occur on a large scale and permanently, because the services currently offered for mobile communication or data transmission mainly use permanently radiating transmitters with high-frequency fields.

In many cases, the radiation is already more than ten thousand to a million times higher than natural electromagnetic radiation. Naturally occurring electromagnetic fields surround people everywhere, but the radiation level is only 0.000001 µW/m². The most important limit for radiation exposure from mobile communications in Germany, however, is 10,000,000 µW/m². And this is where the problem lies. The function of nerve and muscle cells is essentially based on the biochemical generation of electric fields, but at an energy level millions of times weaker. The current limits are already well within the range of biologically detectable effects.

The influence of excessive radiation exposure on health is the subject of very controversial debate. However, many studies now show that pulsed microwaves, such as those emitted by mobile phone antennas, cordless phones (DECT), cell phones, smart phones, WLAN, Bluetooth, baby monitors, radio and TV transmitters, radar, and other radio applications, can affect physical functions and show correlations of diseases not only in humans, but also in animals and plants.

In humans, for example, an increased risk of tumors, weakening of the immune system, dizziness, hearing disorders (noise – tinnitus), sleep disorders, fatigue, states of exhaustion, concentration disorders, memory disorders, headaches, depression, learning difficulties, EEG changes, cardiac arrhythmias, changes in the blood count, leukemia, skin melanomas, brain tumors, other types of cancer, birth defects, ADHD and finally sperm damage up to DNA strand breaks have been proven. According to the WHO, there is a possible link between the development of tumors and exposure to electrosmog, especially from cell phones.

Another problematic aspect of the fact that physicians do not recognize and diagnose the clinical pictures caused by radiation exposure is that often only the symptoms are treated. For example, sleeping pills are given for sleep disorders, blood pressure medication for high blood pressure, anti-depressants for depression, and so on. This is, of course, profitable for pharmaceutical companies, but does not lead to recovery for those affected, and in doubtful cases may even lead to further illnesses.

Unfortunately, it must be assumed that mobile phone radiation is already causing serious damage to health, i.e. without any further increase in the limit values.

However, we are constantly experiencing increasing “contamination” of the human environment with electromagnetic radiation. Be it at the workplace, in public transport, or in our own homes. The expanding use of digital mobile communications technology and the increasing availability of Internet-enabled digital media such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, increase the intensity of electromagnetic fields (EMF). It is therefore advisable to keep radiation exposure as low as possible, at least in one’s own environment.

Electromagnetic waves in their multiple frequencies are odorless, silent and invisible. Under these circumstances, it is very difficult to decide objectively whether there is a health risk from them and how to protect oneself effectively.

For electrosensitive people and for people who are critical of this convenient technology, we offer highly effective protection options.

Our EMC shielding products offer high shielding performance and are also well equipped for future radiation sources in the high frequency range.

The products ensure the best possible protection against low-frequency alternating electric and magnetic fields as well as high-frequency electromagnetic waves. They meet the highest quality standard in Europe – our customers appreciate this.

EMC radiation verification

With our measuring instruments the EMC radiation can be easily checked!

Ecologa Europe GmbH works very closely with research institutes as well as innovative industrial companies. This enables us to develop new products with better protection. In doing so, we respond flexibly to the needs of our customers.

In our work, we combine EMC shielding and design into one discipline and create interior concepts that allow space and people to become one.

Aesthetics are very important to us and play a major role in the development of our creations, whether it is our shielding canopies or shielding curtains.

Ecologa specializes in the design and fabrication of shielding canopies and shielding curtains for protection against electrosmog – we deliver worldwide.

Shielding canopies are important. Electrosmog can inhibit melatonin formation and alter the day/night cycle and neurotransmitter balance. This can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms.

However, Ecologa offers other products for protection against high-frequency electromagnetic waves for the night’s rest:

Intentional electromagnetic interference (I.E.M.I.) attacks leave no physical trace in the devices they penetrate and no digital trace in the system they compromise. They represent a significant new threat against which we must all protect ourselves.

The conductive films we offer, which provide windows with an electrically conductive coating, can be applied to existing structures as well as structures with laminated glass to reduce the intensity of radiation in living and working spaces.

As more and more data is transmitted and exchanged electronically, protection from eavesdropping and video reconstruction is an absolute necessity.

More and more companies, developers, architects, etc. are looking for solutions to make buildings secure. This is possible with the 5G-shielding film, which can be used in existing buildings as well as in new buildings.

This foil can be used not only to protect against data theft and hacking, but of course to reduce the exposure of occupants of a space to electromagnetic radiation from nearby microwave and radio frequency sources. 

Sources of electrical and magnetic energy include cell towers (4G, 5G, 6G) and many other electronic devices, including WLAN, etc.

In buildings, windows are the weakest point. Here it will be easier to launch an attack with electromagnetic interference (IEMI). 

What exactly does IEMI mean?

It is the intentional, malicious generation of electromagnetic energy that introduces noise or signals into electrical and electronic systems, disrupting, confusing, or damaging them for terrorist or criminal purposes.

Simple, inexpensive devices can be used to launch these attacks from great distances without leaving a trace.

The threat of electromagnetic interference to commercial electronic devices and systems affects all countries, and while the motives of attackers may vary, the consequences for civil society are the same.

It is clear that the greatest threat is to civil infrastructure, as shutting down the control electronics of the power grid, telecommunications network, or other energy management systems would be a major problem that would have far-reaching consequences.

It is clear that damage could occur to critical information systems such as telecommunications, power grids, financial systems, medical care, broadcasting, industrial facilities, traffic control systems, food and water supplies, mass transportation, and many others.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling more and more components to be connected to monitoring and control devices – from smart power grids to driverless cars – creating more and more attack surfaces for attackers.  

The goal of most I.E.M.I. attacks is to create powerful high-voltage pulses that can temporarily disable digital systems. It is even possible to gain limited control over some devices through IEMI attacks.

The damage caused by these attacks can range from subtle disruptions that result in errors in data flow to massive disruptions that result in total system failure and even irreparable damage.

Protective measures

Our society uses more and more systems based on electromagnetic sources. It is becoming more and more vulnerable to numerous attacks every year. 

Some measures, such as grounding and filtering, are widely used, but they do not provide high protection.

The shielding of windows in buildings and cars becomes necessary.

By combining the 30+ dB performance of architectural shielding film with the attenuation of reinforced exterior walls, IEMI attacks are completely blocked.

Cyber Security

The cyber security of electronic systems has become an essential aspect of modern society.

To protect oneself, it is necessary to reduce the signal when it penetrates a material such as glass.  The higher the attenuation of the shielding, the weaker the signal will be. This means that it is less likely for eavesdroppers to intercept wireless data.

I.E.M.I. attacks leave no physical traces in the devices they penetrate and no digital traces in the system they compromise. 

Shielding applications include:

  • Hospital applications (shielding of NMR, EMG and EEG equipment).
  • Industrial development lab shielding to prevent electronic data (e.g., sensitive designs and developments) from being captured remotely.
  • Computer data security
  • Shielding of executive offices to prevent microphones or electronic microphones from being picked up hundreds of feet outside the building.
  • Shielding against stray electromagnetic radiation from a visual display unit (VDU) that attempts to reconstruct the original video image from the stray radiation.

Areas of use:

  • Private residences
  • Government buildings
  • Complete building envelope
  • Server rooms
  • Armored cabinets
  • Workspace
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Military
  • Network operations centers
  • Ship windows
  • Industries that handle confidential or highly secure data

More information on protection options

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