EMC tentsfor industry

In order to meet the increasing requirements of standardised EMC testing, more and more products have to prove their electromagnetic compatibility.

Ecologa Europe GmbH offers manufacturers an optimal opportunity to test their products for electromagnetic compatibility.

In many cases, companies can achieve significant cost savings in the production process by using our flexible, portable shielding tents.
These lightweight and durable tents allow EMC testing to be carried out in a wide variety of production environments without the cost of a permanently installed shielded room. The biggest advantage is the flexibility of use.

It is no longer necessary to transport products under test from one location to another – the shielding tent is simply erected over the test object. This not only saves transport costs, but also reduces testing times and protects sensitive test objects from damage during transport.
An excellent performance of up to 100 dB in the frequency range from 300 MHz to 10 GHz covers the majority of test requirements in the aerospace industry, communications technology, automotive industry and all other fields requiring electromagnetic compliance measurements.

EMC tents for industry are available in our shop!

Advantages for our customers

What differentiates us from our competitors:

Production process

The metallisation process is based on a polyamide-silver combination and is carried out according to defined processes (ISO 2001:2002 certification).

Polyamide has very good mechanical properties and silver is a soft, ductile, and antiseptic material with high conductivity.

The process achieves extreme adhesion to the polyamide. The metallisation penetrates the whole fabric. There is no front or back, as each individual filament, even in a tight weave, is silver-plated all around.

The advantage of this process is an extremely high metal content in the fabric, of up to 30 percent by weight 99 % pure silver and thus extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity.

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