Knitted fabrics

Shielding knitted fabric„Silver tulle 110“ HF (High Frequency)


A fine silver metallized polyamide knitted fabric with excellent damping properties. The individual fibers are silver-plated all around, making the fabric highly electrically conductive and easy to contact. Due to the uniform metallization, distortion levels with different shielding attenuations are not present. Grounding accessories are not included in the scope of delivery.

The knitted fabric is antiseptic, soft and supple, with an absolutely textile character. It is particularly suitable for shielding high-frequency electromagnetic waves and can also be used for shielding low-frequency alternating electric fields if suitably grounded.

In the event that grounding is necessary, please observe our “Safety instructions and grounding regulations”. Silver-plated products have the property of changing color due to tarnishing. This usually has no influence on the shielding effectiveness of the material.

Not suitable for outdoor use.

Technical data:

ca. 110m / Meterware
< 1.4 Ω/o
Mit 10 % Silber
0.22 mm ± 10 %
33 g/m² -3/+5 g/m²
MIL-STD 285, NSA 65-6
100 % Polyamid / Nylon 6.6
Schirm­dämpfung (0,2–2 GHz) :
< 45 dB from 0.2 GHz – 2 GHz
Schirm­dämpfung (2-5 GHz) :
< 40 dB from 2 GHz – 5 GHz
Schirm­dämpfung (5-14 GHz) :
< 36 dB from 5 GHz – 14 GHz
Erdung / NF-Schirmung:
Das Gewirke kann zur Schirmung nie­der­fre­quenter elektrischer Wech­sel­felder mit in den Potential­ausgleich eingebunden werden.

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