Product 21:Shielding fleece copper


This nonwoven fabric, enriched with copper and nickel, can be used, among other things, in the technical field as well as for shielding electromagnetic waves, but also for military and medical purposes. Compared to fabrics and knitwear, nonwovens have a relatively low thickness.
Thanks to the metals used, its effectiveness is very high.

Copper shields.
Like silver, copper has an antimicrobial effect and is electrically and thermally conductive. Its special performance is in the area of EMC shielding.

Nickel protects
This nonwoven fabric is coated with nickel. Nickel enables increased conductivity and at the same time serves as corrosion protection for the copper coating.

Chemically bonded with copper and nickel, this nonwoven is also suitable for antistatic dissipation and sensor applications.

Technical data

Flat goods: Nonwovens
100 % polyamide / nylon 6.6
Surface resistance:
< 0.02 Ω/□
Shielding capability (0,2–2 GHz):
Average: < 100 dB
Shielding capability (2–5 GHz):
Average: < 83 dB
Shielding capability (5–14 GHz):
Average: < 73 dB
95 g/m² ± 15 %
0.35 mm ± 20 %
100 cm / yard goods
DIN EN ISO 9001:2005 REACH, RoHS
Made in Germany

Absorb fleece 84


The Absorb fleece is provided with a special highly conductive copper coating.

This shielding fleece is suitable for all areas where flexibility, a high shielding effect and current carrying capacity as well as simple and trouble-free processing are required. The material is air-permeable and breathable and is easy to cut and sew with scissors or a knife.

Another advantage, in addition to high shielding effectiveness, is that the fleece “absorbs” rays. 

Thanks to the use of the latest production and manufacturing technologies, this absorbent material enables extremely high shielding results of up to 78 dB on average. 

The shielding absorbent fleece is not only for small businesses and institutions that want to effectively protect their premises and equipment from the influence of interference sources and environmental impulses, but also for all those who want to protect their living space. 

Areas of application: 

Grounding is required to ensure “Protection against dangerous body currents according to DIN/VDE”.

The grounding accessories are not included in the scope of delivery. 

Technical data:

Carrier material:
polyamide spunbond nonwoven
84 g / m²
0,12 mm (not compressible)
1.000 mm
Protective layer Resistance:
5,5 mOhm / at 20 mA
Test current:
(independent of pressure)
Shielding effectiveness:
60 – 120 dB at 0.05 – 40 GHz
Average attenuation:
87 dB (MIL-STD 285)
(DIN 4102 B1) non flammable
  • Very low surface resistance of 0.02 Ohm
  • Easy to cut with knife or scissors
  • Abrasion resistant and non-fibrous material
  • Low required contact pressure forces (from 5% linear resistance)
  • 100% halogen free ingredients
  • Non water absorbent
  • Wide application range from -40°C to +110°C
Required accessories:
grounding strap and grounding plate

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